We offer competitively priced CLIA/CAP certified Whole Genome Sequencing as well as other services as outlined below.


Whole Genome Sequencing


We provide competitively priced, CLIA certified, high quality whole genome sequencing and analysis at a variety of coverages. We employ Illumina's NovaSeq 6000 and MiSeq DX seqencing platforms. 


To comprehensively profile the molecular drivers of cancer, the UGC offers tumor only and tumor-normal analyses. We offer integration of germline DNA, somatic DNA, and RNA expression analysis.

Whole Exome Sequencing


The UGC uses standard chemistries to achieve a minimum of 250x median coverage of coding regions by targeting the 20,000 genes.


Cancer WES services include tumor-normal and tumor-only sequencing and integration with germline DNA and RNAseq information.

RNA Sequencing

Our mRNA library preparations use oligo-dT beads to enrich polyadenylated RNA molecules, while preserving strand information.

Lane Sequencing

We offer lane sequencing of investigator-prepared libraries. Our lane sequencing is high quality, flexible, and supports the diverse applications requested by the research community. We provide bioinformatics services to deliver a FastQ, BAM, and VCF formatted files. Examples of libraries for lane sequencing include projects investigation single cell transcriptome, metagenomics, ChIP-seq, and 16S libraries