Annerose Berndt, Ph.D, DVM

Dr. Annerose Berndt serves as Director of the UPMC Genome Center (UGC), an automated, high-throughput sequencing facility that enables basic, translational, and clinical research investigators to achieve their biomedical and scientific goals.

Dr. Berndt received her Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine in Germany and subsequently received her PhD in Molecular Biology from Michigan State University. Dr. Berndt undertook a postdoctoral fellowship at The Jackson Laboratory with a focus on complex genetics and bioinformatics before being recruited to the University of Pittsburgh in 2010 as an Assistant Professor of Medicine to build a Genetics and Bioinformatics Core for Mouse Genetics.

Since her recruitment, Dr. Berndt has contributed significantly to shaping the genetic/genomic strategy at the University of Pittsburgh and UPMC. From 2010 to 2014, her bioinformatics lab supported the statistical analyses on genome-wide association studies for many investigators, which cumulated in numerous publications. From 2014 to 2016 Dr. Berndt lead an enterprise-wide effort to link genomic data with medical records, the ground work for managing the genomic data that is now produced by the Genome Center. Dr. Berndt has lead extensive efforts to cleanse medical records and prepare for entry of phenotypic data from genomic analyses and integration of numerous types of genomic information, including whole genome and exome variations, CNVs, microarray data, and pharmacogenomics information.

The goal of the UGC is to provide the highest quality in DNA and RNA sequencing and thereby advance our understanding of the underlying causes of devastating diseases.

“Falling costs for high-throughput genome sequencing has enabled us to establish our own in-house Genome Center, which allows for better standardization of informatics and data integration with our medical records. Cloud and software vendors have improved in security and compliance to protect personal health information, therefore providing an infrastructure platform that can scale with the demands of high-throughput, whole genome data volumes (storage) and throughput (compute). Our Genome Center combines the latest sequencing and informatics technology to allow our customers to work cost and time efficiently and thereby to accelerate in their goals to unravel the molecular insights of human diseases.”


Melissa Sroka, Administrative Assistant

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