The UPMC Genome Center (UGC) is a high-throughput, CLIA certified, industrial-scale sequencing center in the heart of Pittsburgh’s technology hub. Our mission is to support the pursuit of understanding DNA and RNA sequence variation in relation to phenotypic variability in human disease.

We provide high quality and automated laboratory services for whole-genome and transcriptome sequencing employing 3 Hamilton Vantage liquid handlers and 5 NovaSeq 6000 instruments. Our bioinformatics services include an entirely cloud-based, secure and compliant data management and analysis platform.  To enable fast, flexible and compute-intensive data processing, we utilize DNAnexus to deploy UGC’s developed pipelines incorporating state of the art software and hardware tools. Our team consists of professionally trained and experienced lab technicians and bioinformaticians who work tirelessly to assist with requests from small to large-scale population studies

Our support comes from UPMC’s Immunotherapy and Transplant Center and the Institute for Precision Medicine at the University of Pittsburgh who strive to transform clinical care by investing in biomedical research and commercial relationships on the forefront of precision medicine to advance patient care.